Heart felt

During my Senior year at MICA, I wrote an original short film entitled Heart Felt (or Two Puppets Who Fall In Love, Fight, and Then Get Back Together). Originally beginning as a long-form stage performance, the short film stars puppet characters Don Hudson and Cheryl Lochley, designed and built by me for the project.

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Below you can watch the film, take a look at the puppet stars of the production, and explore the images of their building process and stills from the production.


Don Hudson

Don Hudson is a well-established actor. A seemingly self-assured man, he is known for many of the most prominent faux-90's blockbuster action flicks and romantic comedies. Fictional filmography includes Valentine Letters (1996) and Hunting Season (2003).

Cheryl Lochley

Cheryl Lochley is an actress with much less critical success. Contemplating leaving acting for good, her life changes after an audition opposite Don for the role of "Kaitlin" in Kaitlin (2006).

Production Stills

Process Images