If a plastic skeleton can, and if a fully CGI person can, why not a puppet?

That question was the impetus of the @infamousandreablair project, an idea that paired my fascination with influencer and internet-celebrity culture with my love of puppetry. Half-entrepreneur and half-celebrity, these influencers create content designed to promote themselves and their lifestyles, or the lifestyle they want others to think they have. Everything is controlled with a fine-toothed comb, staged to high-hell, and highly edited to make these people seem as flawless as possible.

It’s all bullshit, but it is in no one’s best interest to call out the bullshit.

Being a puppet, in that way, is the ultimate kind of bullshit - a puppet is immediately a character fully controlled by an outside force, plus, if done right, no one will even really pay attention to the fact she's a puppet.


MeeT Andrea


Andrea Blair

Andrea is a character that stemmed from the traditional "Valley Girl" stereotype but became the larger-than-life internet content creator she's known for.



She always means well and truly believes she uses her platform for positivity but is also a raging narcissist who takes advantage of the following. She falls in love with the popularity - posting is only to fuel the flames of her own self-image and self-worth, not to actually influence positively, but she isn’t doing that consciously.


She is naturally pretty, knows it, and flaunts it - someone you could see as a Bachelor contestant, or, better yet, someone who goes on the show to get a national spotlight.

Take a look at some of her Instagram content in the gallery below.

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