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Strategies for Wealth Management

I was commissioned by Strategies for Wealth Management, LLC, whose goal is to develop, implement, and monitor an individualized wealth management strategy for their clients, to create a puppet couple for use in branding events and materials. Included are the original design illustration and some images related to the project.

Sam Squatch

The character of Sam Squatch was built for one of my GFA classes at MICA. I designed Sam as a way for me to expand upon my established puppet building techniques while also incorporating new methods of patterning, building, and design. 

The Nepi clown

During the Summer of 2019, I participated in the New England Puppet Intensive in North Adams, MA, a program in which participants dove deeper into sculpting, mold-making, and casting processes, exploring the interchange between performance and design. The result of the week-long intensive, a vaudeville-style clown, is displayed here.