One of the core components in all of my work is appealing to the inner-child - creating for the sake of fun and glee rather than a larger purpose or conceptual goal. Puppetry, an art form I have been inspired by and invested in from an early age, plays right into that notion and quickly became an integral piece of my artistic puzzle.

Here is a sample of the puppets I've built and performed.


PROJECT Spotlight: Sam Squatch

The character of Sam Squatch is being built for one of my GFA classes at MICA. I designed Sam as a way for me to expand upon my established puppet building techniques while also incorporating new methods of patterning, building, and design.


During the Summer of 2019, I participated in the New England Puppet Intensive in North Adams, MA, a program in which participants dove deeper into sculpting, mold-making, and casting processes, exploring the interchange between performance and design. The resulting vaudeville-style clown character is displayed here.


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