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puppet DeSign

Over many years, I've developed the skills to design and fabricate a custom puppet from scratch using learned techniques from industry giants. My experience ranges from working on large-scale IP-driven projects to smaller fast-paced builds for clients.

The puppets displayed on this page are a sampling of puppets I've built for smaller-scale clients or for myself.

To see examples of puppets I've built for larger projects, click here.

Want to See my full gallery?

The Troll

During the later months of 2022, I designed and built this character, currently named "The Troll", to utilize and build upon the skills I had learned on-the-job working with industry professionals at both Monkey Boys Productions and Animax. 

Strategies for Wealth Management

I was commissioned by Strategies for Wealth Management, LLC, whose goal is to develop, implement, and monitor an individualized wealth management strategy for their clients, to create a puppet couple for use in branding events and materials. Included are the original design illustration and some images related to the project.

Sam Squatch

The character of Sam Squatch was built for one of my GFA classes at MICA. I designed Sam as a way for me to expand upon my established puppet building techniques while also incorporating new methods of patterning, building, and design.