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U R Tha 1!

U R Tha 1! follows Tresey, a conduit of the funk, in this groovy urban odyssey that will change the hood forever. Can Tresey and his funkateers bring back the funk before curfew? Put the needle to the groove, join the gang, and find out now!


I designed and built the seven original puppet characters for U R Tha 1!, a funk musical short film created by Mike Smith for the Baltimore Rock Opera Society's Puppet 6-Pack, which released in January 2021, and then re-released as part of Holes: A Puppet Anthology the following July.  Below, I have included a short clip from the film, images of all the puppets, the original design illustration for the characters, and the very few behind-the-scenes photos I took on shoot day. 

Lavender Pearl's dress was constructed by AG Sherman (IG: @bobbinyaga).

Watch the short film in its entirety by clicking the button below.

UR DA 1_character_lineup.jpg
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